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About Us

Zero Brand Zone offers 100% organic and sustainable consumer products that are scientifically validated.

Mission/What We Do

"Design, Develop, & Deploy 100% Organic and Sustainable Consumer Products"

Zero Brand Zone
Vision/Motivation/Reason for Our Action

The Zero Brand Zone Pvt LTD

The Zero Brand Zone Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai-based business committed to creating 100% organic and sustainable consumer products. ZBZ, the sole company of its kind, was conceived to revolutionize the retail of consumer products in India. We offer high-quality, sustainable products and services at REAL VALUE to the end consumer without charging a premium price for brand image. We aim to uplift Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that have a broad range of unmet needs. The limited size of many SMEs means they have difficulty accessing capabilities and resources that would make them more productive.

How we do it/Our Values

Our products go through rigorous testing to achieve validation for sustainability by scientific organizations. Our innovations focus on preserving and promoting biodiversity while also doing everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint and, at the same time, create significant economic value. Footprint measures can be used to understand the biodiversity impact of specific sectors, products and organizations, supporting decision-making to mitigate negative and enhance positive impacts of public and private sectors on nature. Biodiversity footprint methods can therefore inform, implement and monitor various aspects of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework and sustainability agenda. We source our raw materials and finished products directly from rural Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), thus helping India grow both sustainably and economically from the grass root level.

About Our Products

Zero% Brand Premium Price for Quality Product All our products are distinct and patented. Each product is hand-made with a lot of love and labor for the consumer. ZBZ acknowledges the responsibility to preserve and protect the local flora and fauna as the original inhabitants of the ecosystem that we serve. We design our products to protect and enhance the environment for coming generations. We are the "FIRST MOVERS OF BIODIVERSITY POSITIVE PRODUCTS".

Unique Principle in our Business

We ZBZ Acknowledge the Responsibility to Preserve and Protect the local Flora and Fauna. species as a original in habitant in the eco-system that we operate.

Meet our team

A six-member team committed to making the world a better place for generations to come.

S. Kalyana Raman

Charted MCI London


With thirty years of professional experience across numerous industries, Kalyan Raman is the genius behind ZBZ. With first-hand insights into retail, specialty chemicals manufacturing, garment and wool manufacturing, industrial civil construction, and NBFC (non-banking finance company), he spearheads strategy & business modelling, finance & accounting  the industry that he worked in. The Six Sigma Green Belt training at IIM Bangalore, the alumni of IIM Bangalore and the “Chartered MCSI” awarded to him by CISI, which evolved from the London Stock Exchange, qualification and his well-versed experience in identifying opportunities and providing tactical business solutions play an important role in his capability to join biodiversity sustainability with justified commercialism. He is interested in building a utopian “One World Nation” that is “Debt free & Literate Society”. 

Dilipkumar Patel

M.B.A Kenya

Owner of several firms, Dilip kumar Patel is the director of Zero Brand Zone. He is an MBA grad from Kenya and is a man of deep insight and inventive nature. He helps grow the company in a balanced manner.