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Design,Develop & Deploy Sustainable Consumer Product

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We are in Research, Develop and Deploy  in offering Sustainable Consumer Product  and our Products  sustainability validated
Scientifically. Our Products  entitle
100% to 400 % carbon credit. Our Innovation is focus on  preserving and promoting the Bio  Diversity  
creating the significant  
economic value in the form of 
such  eco system service  as food provisioning  ,carbon storage and water & Air filtration.
Our Action  is to reduce  the Bio Diversity foot print ,transforming
their value through innovative ,bio diversity positive product ,services and
business model  and advancing bio diversity
beyond our own footprints to promote resilient ,healthy ecosystem across the


he Zero Brand Zone Pvt. Ltd. is a  Sustainable Consumer Product Development  designed to revolutionize the way retailing  the Consumer Product is conducted in our country.


The vision of the company is to offer quality Sustainable products and services at REAL VALUE to the end consumer. We Deign ,Develop, Deploy the know  to rural  and directly sourced from this manufacturer, mostly a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Price offered to consumer without brand perception driven premium pricing. 

Uniqueness of our Product and Service is Protecting and Promoting the Biodiversity foot Print.Neither Educational institution nor the Business Predominantly MNC not able to cater the demand  of consumer for eco-friendly the Product  & Service. We  the Company “MOVERS OF AND FOR BIODIVERSITY POSITIVE PRODUCT”

             We are operating on one Unique Principle in our business is


We ZBZ  Acknowledge the Responsibility to Preserve and Protect the local  Flora and Fauna.  species as a original in habitant in the eco-system that we operate.



S. Kalyana Raman, Charted MSCI London


Prior to this start up, Kalyana Raman has excellent professional experience spread over three decades across multiple industries, namely, retail industry (USA), specialty chemicals manufacturing (include setting up a transnational Joint Venture plant), family owned garment and wool manufacturing, industrial civil construction and NBFC (non-banking finance company) in pre and post transient liberal economic environment in the Indian economy.

He has the distinction of propelling business profitability and growing enterprise value by spearheading strategy & business modeling, finance & accounting. Worked along with the CEOs, senior management, and value management in financial system designing, techno commercial valuation, and control & cross functional delivery and led high performance teams.

He is highly valued for translating corporate vision into actionable plans and transitioning organizations into profit centers with good governance. He IS GOOD at configuring  resilient internal operations needed for businesses in the face of changing business landscape.  He is highly effective in identifying opportunities, reorienting focus and providing tactical business solutions by visualizing the big picture & it breaking down into actionable steps.

He completed his management degree from Madurai Kamaraj University, obtained diploma in Global Strategic Management (ICFAI), he undertook Six Sigma Green Belt training from IIM Bangalore. For the contribution made in Financial Services in various Industries in India, The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment(CISI) London which is evolved from London Stock Exchange awarded him “Chartered MCSI” in May 2010. Currently there are only 6 such professionals in India. He is alumni of IIM B.

He is married to Dr.Jayashree Anand  and having Daughter.  He and his wife are very much interested to build – One World Nation “Debt free & Literate Society”.

Dilipkumar Patel, M.B.A Kenya

Currently owns a fully Automatic Bottling plant at Madurai which  Manufacture  Soft drink in the brand name of “Torino“ even the established international brand Coke and Pepsi  as well as local brand not able penetrate in their distribution network. This manufacturing was started in 1967 as contract  manufacture for Coke and Fanta. Beside the  above bottling plant he also owns Pharma  plant at VAPI Gujarat among other clients   contract manufactures  for Sun Pharma. He is the proud owner of holding  good human capital assets that will work  for him in all   Industrial Season that speaks volume of his  maintaining   the harmonious  balance in business growth

He completed his bachelor Degree in Commerce from M.S University, Baroda. Then he went on to secure his management degree from Jomo Kenyatta University,  Nairobi, Kenya.

He is married to Deviyani Patel. Deviyani holds a bachelor degree in Microbiology. She is a homemaker.


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