Diya First Batch

AG -Anugraha Green AG Green Anugraha Atharvana Veda Benefits of Panchagavya Diya Concern for Envoirnment Concern For Health Concern For Woman Diya lighting Correct Practice Financial Inclussion Green Cigartte Panchagavya Diya; Waste to Wealth/Value Smoke Free Future Smoking Cessastion Tobacco De Addiction ZBZ Sustainablity

After Filing the Patent and commercial trail has taken place at Registered Officine Saki Vihar Road, Chandivali Mumbai 400072 from 1.4.2018 .Two Student given the Vocational training to make the Eco Friendly Diya Working During the Summer holiday they are able to finance their Academic year 2019-20 .We are proud that we are able to financially support the Student for their education at the same time we are able to deliver the highly Sustainable Product to the Society This true Atmanirbahr Bharat Product Journey started by ZBZ now turns into National Mission Be Blessed & Stay Blessed

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